Friday, April 26, 2013

Step by Step Removal Guide for Browser Hijacker ( is another member of redirect virus big family. As similar as, also do harm in some popular browsers which includes Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. With its fake interface, it pretends itself as a legitimate and helpful web site which offers computer users search engine server as the same as Google, Yahoo or Bing. However, it is not a reputable site and is known as a browser hijack virus which will make trouble in affected PC. Usually, when you open a new site or tab, it will hijack your direction to its vicious domain: as well as other arbitrary sites.

Like other redirect virus, it is able to change the default homepage of browser that you cannot reset back at all. Also, the virus is bundled with many additional threats which may contain Trojans, worms, keyloggers or other malware. Therefore, the security of your PC will be super easy to be attacked by remote hackers. Your privacy will be opened to the public. Thus, we need to clean up timely and completely to protecting your PC from worse results.

These Might Happen If You Got Browser Hijackers


1). Your default browser settings will be changed, familiar homepage is replaced by unknown ones.
2). You may have redirect problems when you use the Internet, popup advertisements and fake alerts will show up on your screen.
3). Many malicious browser toolbars get installed on your computer, you have unknown applications on your desktop.
4). Some Trojans or Ransomwares will sneak into your computer, you may lose your important files or even banking information.

Step by Step Instructions to Remove Browser Hijacker


Antivirus won’t be able to handle browser hijacker problem. It won’t show up in the virus scan result, it won’t go away as well. We will need to proceed manual method in this case. If you have sufficient expert skill and computer security experience, you can try to follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Then end the related process of


Step 2: Reset your browser settings. (Take IE as example)

Open Internet Explorer. Click on the Tools menu and then select Internet Options. In the Internet Options window click on the Advanced tab. Then click on the Restore Defaults button and then press OK.

Step 3: Search and delete following files.

%ProgramData%\Internet Explorer\xhebftts.dll

Learn to Remove Browser Hijacker by Watching this Video


Some people mistakenly damaged their computers trying to follow manual method because they aren’t familiar with computer security skills. If you need professional help, you can start a live chat with Tee Support Online Experts. You will be fine in no time.

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